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Neighbourhood [Re] formation: envisioning a future for Don Mills.

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posted on 2021-05-22, 15:31 authored by Talayeh Rad
Architecture is known to be the physical language of community. What define cities are streets, blocks, and buildings, and their interaction defines the neighbourhoods. Cities are poised for unlimited growth (Lefebvre, 2003) and the challenge is to propose a vision for the future growth of already dense neighbourhoods. The research aims to study the evolution of contemporary urbanism, ideas, and theories in order to explore the structure of the existing neighbourhoods and understand the dynamic behind the street patterns and urban blocks. Case studies are investigating the quality and configuration of physical urban form through recent history. The ideas are compared and contrasted to challenge modern and postmodern urban theories in order to propose a new vision for future urban growth. The design project takes into account the importance of urban morphology and typology and their impacts on the identity, diversity and affordability of the neighbourhood.





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