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Navigating identity within the context of culture & community: an examination of creative engagement among black 2SLGBTQ Caribbean-Canadian artists

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posted on 2021-05-24, 18:14 authored by Shaniqua (Nika) Smith
This research examines some of the ways Black 2SLGBTQ Caribbean-Canadian artists engage with creative expression to navigate their sexual and gender identities. This study also highlighted the intersection of race, gender, sexual identity, and immigration. The secondary data sources collected were a photography series produced by Jamaican-Canadian photographer Brianna Roye; and a 2015 interview featuring Michèle Pearson Clarke, a Trinidadian-Canadian artist. These secondary data sources were analyzed using multi-textual analysis and qualitative content analysis tools. The findings highlight the potential for art and creative expression to address issues of anti-Black racism and heterosexism, in addition to fostering healing and community building. This study aims to present insight that will contribute to ongoing efforts within the social work profession to promote Black 2SLGBTQ equity and inclusion.





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Ryerson University

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