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Naturalistic observation of perfectionistic behaviours

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posted on 2021-05-22, 16:40 authored by Hanna McCabe-Bennett
Perfectionism plays an important role across psychopathology. However, there are almost no naturalistic studies that examine the function of perfectionistic behaviours in everyday life. The purpose of this study is to examine predictors, contextual triggers, frequency, and outcomes of 10 proposed perfectionistic behaviours across a 14-day monitoring period in a community sample: Overpreparing, repeating behaviours, excessive reassurance seeking, excessive organizing, excessive perseverance, quitting too soon, procrastinating, refusing to delegate, avoiding situations where standards may be threatened, and attempting to change other people’s behaviour. Correlates and predictors of these behaviours and their related features are discussed in the context of previous research that has examined these behaviours in less naturalistic ways. The findings of the present study have implications for future research regarding behavioural manifestations of perfectionism, and may provide clinicians with important information about perfectionistic behaviours. Additionally, findings using new perfectionism measures provide evidence for their utility with nonclinical samples.



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