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Municipal organic solid waste management and program sustainability: a study of the Region of Peel's green bin program

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posted on 2021-05-23, 17:51 authored by Nathalie Zonta
The diversion of municipal organics to manufacture compost is increasingly seen as a proactive alternative to waste management. This study examines the sustainability of Region of Peel's (ROP) Green Bin program through the lens of the Three Spheres of Sustainability: environment, economic and social. This model was used to establish the Sustainability Criteria which ask a total of 27 questions concerning the program's sustainability. To answer these questions, a literature review was conducted in addition to in-person interviews with two groups of farmers: one with experience using municipal compost and one without. The results indicated that the program is sustainable when the Deep Ecology and Strong Sustainability model is applied. Further, it was concluded that the environmental sphere plays a paramount role by limiting the social and economic spheres to its environmental carrying capacity. Practically speaking, composting is worthwhile even when faced with limited revenue and public misconceptions about compost.





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Ryerson University

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Paul Missios