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Multimodal Integration and Expertise

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posted on 2021-06-08, 10:55 authored by Rajwant Sandhu
Multi-modal integration often results in one modality dominating sensory perception. Such dominance is influenced by task demands, processing efficiency, and training. I assessed modality dominance between auditory and visual processing in a paradigm controlling for the first two factors while manipulating the third. In a uni-modal task auditory and visual processing was equated per individual participant. Pre and post training, participants completed a bimodal selective attention task where the relationship between relevant and irrelevant information, and the task-relevant modality changed across trials. Training in one modality was provided between pre and post-training tasks. Training resulted in non-specific speeding post-training. Pre-training, visual information impacted auditory responding more than vice versa and this pattern reversed following training, implying visual dominance pre, and auditory dominance post-training. Results suggest modality dominance is flexible and influenced by experimental design and participant abilities. Research should continue to uncover factors leading to sensory dominance by one modality.






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Ryerson University

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