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Motor training and attention engagement in early infancy: a pilot study

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posted on 2021-05-23, 18:38 authored by Alanna Singer
The following study evaluated the long-term effects of motor training on 3-month-old infants regarding motor development and attentional development in a natural setting (i.e., when interacting with parents). Infants were trained daily for two weeks by their parents. Motor activity and attention were assessed prior to and after training, and at 5 months of age. Infants were either actively (received opportunities to grasp objects) or passively (received no such opportunities) trained. Overall, results did not reveal a difference in motor or attentional tendencies between the active and passive training groups, although actively trained infants showed tendencies towards increased motor behaviour relative to passively trained infants. Infants in both groups demonstrated increased motor behaviour across assessments, and results were inconclusive regarding attentional tendencies during parent-infant interactions in each group. Findings from the present study provide an important first step from which future studies can determine the long-term effects of motor training.





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