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Modeling Of Dark Fermentation Process For Volatile Fatty Acids Production

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posted on 2021-06-08, 10:45 authored by Raman Sharma
This study examined the fermentation process for the production of volatile fatty acids from the organic waste. The depletion of fossil fuels motivated researchers to search for alternative energy and fuels instead of relying on the non-renewable way of energy and fuel production. Anaerobic digestion is a biochemical process in the absence of oxygen, where complex organic matter are degraded. The different stages of anaerobic digestion and important operating parameters such as pH, temperature and retention time. The most suitable feedstock and its effects on the treatment process are discussed. This study evaluates the modelling of VFAs production. The paper also demonstrates various model like ADM1, surface limiting model, and steady-state model. Furthermore, an experimental setup consisting of two semi-continuous reactors was employed for the sample analysis. The reactors were fed with raw and pre-treated source separated organics with solid retention time of 3 days. Keywords: Anaerobic digestion, Feedstocks, SSO, VFAs, ADM1





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