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Microgrid system including PV generation and hybrid backup system

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posted on 2021-05-23, 12:24 authored by Hooman Samani
This Master’s thesis project introduces a micro-grid system that includes a hybrid power storage backup system and photovoltaic module power generation system, which is connected to the grid and supports the hybrid backup system. The first section presents a solution or algorithm to an existing problem in an energy flow management strategy for the hybrid energy storage system. In the second section, power is provided from the photovoltaic arrays by the convenience of the Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) for each photovoltaic module. The generated power will charge the storage backup system. The micro-grid is capable of selling the surplus power to the utility grid. A master controller optimizes integration, dispatching and control over the whole micro-grid operation. There have been many different control strategies and topologies presented over the years to manage the energy flow for hybrid energy storage systems; however, there are some aspects that differentiate some from others, such as real-time prediction, cumbersome architecture, full spectrum control over recourses, and cost-effectiveness. The first section of this thesis proposes a control strategy on hybrid energy storage systems based on fundamental electrical principles. The low volume and simple algorithm make the controller easy to perform on the embedded systems and quickly responds within a tiny space. The control strategy is equipped with a load prediction method, which provides a fast response at the time of load current surge. The controller architect provides the full control over all the resources. The presented controller is cost-effective by increasing the battery life and by minimizing the power loss in the hybrid storage backup system. The simulation results in two different experiments validate the efficiency and performance of the offered control strategy for hybrid backup system.





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