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Methods of inscription: Illustrating Tattoo Method, Image and Meaning

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posted on 2021-05-23, 11:13 authored by Ketzia Sherman
Methods of Inscription utilizes an arts-based research approach to explore the intersection of method, image and meaning in the tattooing process. The goal of this project is to perceive tattoos from a new perspective, to visualize a complicated relationship between the physical act of being tattooed, the emotional response related, and the interplay with art and imagery. The first set of illustrated rounds, entitled Motivation, visualize the many different experiences of tattooed individuals. Images are repeated on different mediums, emphasizing the diversity of experience. The contrast of branded leathers, painted canvas and embroidered fabric emphasize the differing methods of tattoo application and motivation, while inviting semiotic analysis of imagery versus material. Two large scale illustrations culminate the experience, depicting the artist’s personal experience being tattooed. The images represent tattoos as the internalization of external factors. The act of permanently embodying an external feeling, image, or emotion.





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Ryerson University

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