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Manifestations Of Colonialism In Canada

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posted on 2021-06-08, 11:39 authored by Sarah McGann
As a settler-colonial nation, Canada has throughout its history been host to various forms of colonial power. Colonialism, representing the domination and control over a people (or peoples) by another power, remains a factor in modern Indigenous-state relations. Through an analysis of various government documents and treaty agreements, manifestations of colonialism have been found to persevere. Ultimately, the language and forms of colonial power has changed over the course of history, but the direction and purpose of colonial power remains the same. Various commissions funded by the federal government have made recommendations for the government to take action in order to heal the colonial Indigenous-state relationship, however there has been a lack of forward momentum on the part of the Canadian government to implement the suggested recommendations. A movement into the future of Indigenous-state relations requires the education and support of all Canadians on the colonial past and present of this settler nation.





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