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Male social workers: the experience of masculinity in "female" work

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posted on 2022-10-18, 14:17 authored by Michael Dionisi
This MRP explores the experiences of male social workers working within the female dominated profession of child protection. More specifically, it was the goal to examine a) the potential obstacles that male social workers face as a result of hegemonic constructions of masculinity; b) whether these men use their position as a site of resistance to the patriarchal social order; and c) whether workplace dynamics further perpetuate patriarchy. Using the narrative approach three male social workers were interviewed. These co-researchers indicated that they experienced difficulties building rapport and engaging with clients, and expressed challenges regarding how they are perceived. They also explained that being a male social worker can have some privileges when it comes to interacting with male clients and being given more authority in their roles. When taken together, it becomes clear that patriarchal ideals and assumptions are alive and well within the context of child welfare.



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Ryerson University

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