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Making Sense of the World we Live in : Editorial Practices and Picturing Science in LIFE Magazine: 1936–1955

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posted on 2023-02-21, 18:42 authored by K. A. Williams
Making Sense of the World We Live In examines how editorial practices communicated different images of science to the readers of LIFE magazine between 1936 and 1955. Selected essays published between 1936–1955 in various sections of LIFE, as well as the thirteen issues series, “The World We Live In” published between 1952–1954 serve as the primary sources for this thesis. An introduction, literature survey, and methodology section establish the historical context of science communication and LIFE magazine. An appendix and list of illustrations provide quantitative data and selected images used in this thesis. Three analysis chapters discuss how editorial practices including layout, colour, the role of the photographer, and section placement in LIFE produced different stories of science for specific audiences. These chapters also consider how the story of science was integrated by editors into larger political narratives of American hegemony published in the magazine.





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