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Mainframe Architecture: Projecting the Digital Human

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posted on 2021-05-24, 11:56 authored by Jason Ramelson
In today’s society we are in a post-digital age and as a result humans are offered the ability to enter into a range of spaces not facilitated by the built environment. The virtual realm unveils opportunities for architecture to become an interpretive platform for the sensing and actuation of our built environment. This shift allows us to identify ourselves differently in forms that exceed our physical bodies which is indicative of a new type of human; the digital human. By revealing the relationships between activities in both physical and virtual spaces we may find a place in architecture that allows the augmented human to thrive within the built environment. This poses an opportunity for architecture to become a platform for the projection of the “humans” and their experiences; a feat that is becoming relevant in capturing the current social conditions of the 21st Century





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Ryerson University

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