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Magnetically coupled resonant wireless power transmission system that meets the Rezence efficiency and frequency specification

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posted on 2021-05-24, 07:55 authored by Jean-Claude Leslie Clarke
High efficiency Class-E Power Amplifiers (PA) are difficult to analytically design using the original design equations. We present a high frequency (HF) Class-E PA design methodology that simplifies design in this thesis. A high-efficiency Class-E PA was designed using a low-cost power FET by following this design-flow. Due to their small size, it’s difficult to design efficient MCR-WPT resonators for portable electronics. We propose a novel multi-layer MCR-WPT Printed Spiral Coil (PSC) design and design methodology. Two MCR-WPT PSC resonators were designed for smartphones and tablets to meet the Rezence Self-Resonant Frequency and efficiency specifications using this novel design and design methodology. The MCR-WPT resonators power transfer efficiency is reduced when their separation distance is below the optimal Critical Coupling Distance (CCD) due to frequency splitting. We present a novel maximum-peak detection and auto-tuning circuit that automatically improves efficiency using capacitive tuning when the separation distance is below the CCD.





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