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Low symmetry Pincer Ligands designed for applications in coordination chemistry and catalysis

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posted on 2021-05-24, 15:34 authored by Khrystyna Herasymchuk
Pincer ligands are monoanionic, tridentate binding molecules that have been used in coordination chemistry as efficient homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts (i.e. as transition metal complexes). The focus of this work lies in the synthesis, characterization and coordination chemistry of a series of novel asymmetric potentially monoanionic NN'N", NN'C and NN'P type pincer ligands with amide functionality derived from the skeleton of 2-(2'-anilinyl)-4,4-dimethyl-2-oxazoline. Modular approach to this synthesis has been developed through an alkyl halide intermediate, in addition to the substrate-dependent alternative pincer syntheses, which are also described. The coordination chemistries of Pd and Ni, as well as the potential application of these pincer complexes in metal mediated catalysis of aldehyde allylation reactions will be explored. Moreover, a number of Pd(II) pincer complexes have been successfully synthesized and structurally characterized and these results are likewise described.



Master of Science


Molecular Science

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Ryerson University

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