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Lovesick : a short documentary film investigating the changing environment and landscape of a small Canadian lake

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posted on 2022-10-12, 18:52 authored by Lauren Bridle
The short documentary film, Lovesick, explores the changing environment and landscape of a small Canadian lake through the testimonies of the people who live on its shores. Lovesick Lake is one of the smallest bodies of water along the Trent-Severn canal system – a waterway that connects Lake Huron to Lake Ontario. What once was a prosperous region used by Canada’s First Nations people for hunting and fishing, is now a popular location for summer cottages and resorts. Over the last 60 years, shoreline development has increased exponentially while the health of the lake and surrounding land has declined as a result. Now, the lake and local communities face an uncertain future as new vacation developments are being proposed. The film asks: At what cost does Canada’s cottage country come? Lovesick is a response to the materialistic thinking of Canadians and the land that many people take for granted. It aims to enlighten viewers in the hopes that they begin to question the space they occupy and encourage them to respect the delicate balance between nature and humankind. While cottage country is primarily an Ontario lifestyle, Lovesick is a microcosm that aims to shed light on development of natural areas all over North America – and the detrimental effects development can have on the ecosystem.





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