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Living on the fringe

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posted on 2021-06-08, 10:39 authored by Breanna Battista
"This paper will focus on the stereotypical portrayal of the Aboriginal person created through colonial discourse and how this image continues to be displayed as an authentic version of Aboriginality. The original inhabitants of North America, regardless of significant differences in attire, climate, and customs became molded into a caricature representative of all North American Aboriginal peoples, regardless of inherent differences. The Plains people, with their elaborate fringed attire and exuberant headdress became the epitome of difference; the great signifier between Us and Them and therefore became the mold into which all other Aboriginal people were pressed. The outcome of this caricature was a typical ‘Red Man’ wearing romanticized ‘Indian dress– namely fringe, feathers, beads, and the headdress. This amalgamation will be further explored and it will be detailed how this image was perpetuated through the mendacious discourse written by the colonizers about Aboriginal people"--From page 7.





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