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Literally: social reading and meaning-making

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posted on 2021-05-23, 10:23 authored by Eleanor Beale
People read less for personal fulfillment than in the past. In fact, reading for pleasure is at a 30 year low (McWilliams, 2018. People wish they read more but are deterred by several different psychological blocks, including lack of time, motivation, and access, as well as digital distraction. The dominant, modern narrative around reading is one of a sterile knowledge transmission from book to individual. I argue that this understanding of reading as a solitary act is lacking in several ways. My research focuses on meaning-making in book clubs and the advantages afforded by social reading, as an alternative. I want to situate the book club tradition within a digital landscape and showing how virtual clubs and in-person discussion are not mutually exclusive. To fill gaps in the conversation about social reading, modern book clubs, personal interaction, and meaning-making, I am looking at possible digital spaces for reading and thus identity formation.





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