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Ledgibility in the liminal: challenging the symbolic order, an exhibition of drawing

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posted on 2021-05-24, 13:05 authored by Joseph Frederick Laevens
"Amidst the 'Glossary of Commonly Misused Words' in the Writers Digest Grammar Desk Reference, the adverb hopefully is demonstrated in its proper usage with a fortune cookie message that reads: 'It is sometimes better to travel hopefully than to arrive'. (Lutz, 332) This paper takes its character from a similar elaboration from within its purpose. In the most simple way, that purpose is to formulate a critical explanation of the studio works as surveyed and documented. As explication, it imbues its meaning as a manner of traveling hopefully upon the arrival of the action of the project. This might seem simple enough but in order to contextualize both the studio works and the explication the reader will be required to play the double game of both conceptually traveling and perceptually arriving. Though it may seem arbitrary, there is no other way any higher possibility of agreement between text and object could be arranged. To argue on behalf of the studio works would prioritize perceptual arrival over the viewer's experience and to realize art about theories is easily a misuse of the word hopeful"--From the introduction, page 3.



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