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Lebreton Flats : Redeveloping Former Brownfield Land in Canada's Capital. A Study of Urban Design Qualities and Best Practices

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posted on 2022-11-09, 21:34 authored by Sophia Kanavas
In 2014, the National Capital Commission made a call for proposals to develop approximately 9.3 hectares of Le- Breton Flats, a former brownfield in Canada’s Capital. The objective is to create a new mixed-use community characterized by an institutional use to anchor the development. This report seeks to investigate what policies and urban design principles may be used to develop LeBreton Flats through a review of brownfield and urban design literature; policy analysis; and a review of case precedents for brownfield redevelopments. The recommendations provided seek to establish that good urban design for LeBreton Flats must contain elements of mixed-land uses with compact design; an institutional use of international or national significance to attract visitors and support local residents; walkable neighbourhoods with integrated public transportation; public realm dedication through parks and open space access to the waterfront; and innovative, architectural building construction with green design standards.



Master of Planning


Urban Development

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Ryerson University

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