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Latin American apparel: recommendations for successfully entering the Toronto fashion market

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posted on 2021-05-24, 11:29 authored by Isabel C. Fernandez
Dress has played a vital role as a form of expression for different ethnic groups in the diverse city of Toronto. This is a means by which communities have maintained their relationships to their homelands and preserved memories (Brown, 2012). Latin American fashion’s recent rise in popularity can be seen most obviously in mass-markets throughout the industrialized West (Root, 2005); however, there are only a few Latin American fashion brands available in Toronto. Hence the researcher investigated and established the process for a Latin American fashion apparel brand to successfully enter the Toronto fashion market. The secondary purpose of this major research project is to provide Canadian residents with the opportunity to experience Latin American cultures through fashion. Even though the countries that make up Latin America have their own characteristic cultural traits, this study had hoped to create a framework of recommendations that will serve as a guideline for entrepreneurs and designers (regardless of their Latin American country of origin) on the successful introduction of Latin American fashion apparel brands into the Toronto fashion market. The approach for this project consisted of the implementation of a mix of a qualitative and quantitative methodology. The conclusions and lessons learned can be applied to any Latin American fashion brand entering the Toronto marketplace.





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Ryerson University

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Lucia Dell’Agnese