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Killing Them Softly: Virtual Reality Training in Project Termination

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posted on 2023-05-25, 14:11 authored by Emily Hall

The use of virtual reality (VR) as an innovative learning tool in higher education has been rising steadily, as being actively engaged in a learning activity has repeatedly been shown to be beneficial for learning (Price et al. 2003). This major research project explores the potential use of VR for ‘soft skills’ training by addressing two main questions: 1) How can we train individuals for complex work environments without exposing vulnerable students to potentially harmful situations?; and 2) how can we create these environments with a role-player simulation? This research paper builds on how VR combined with digital storytelling can be used to build on communication skills training. It suggests that by creating a prototype for an impactful VR experience students can improve their communication skills, and demonstrate higher levels of goal completion required to successfully bring a project to fruition in the 21st-century creative workplace. Mirroring real-world engagements, users assume the role of the manager while working through these virtual challenges in three distinct steps; preparation, delivery, and transition. This novel research suggests that there is a way to effectively combine traditional role-playing techniques while adhering to the new digital standards.





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Ryerson University

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Dr. Louis-Etienne Dubois