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Is a partnership possible? : a comparison of elementary teachers' and early childhood educators' perceptions of disability and inclusion

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posted on 2021-05-22, 10:52 authored by Colleen Thornton
Education literature presents diverse perceptions of disability and inclusion by educators and scholars. Past research has shown that educators' beliefs influence their practice. The Full-Day Early Learning Program will commence in Ontario schools in September 2010, which will involve teacher and early childhood educator teaching teams. This qualitative research study presents two elementary teachers' and two early childhood educators' perceptions of disability and inclusion. Using a grounded theory strategy of inquiry, two interviews were conducted with each participant. A poststructural lens was used to analyze and interpret data. Key findings show distinct understandings of disability and inclusion between the two educator groups, which relate to their pedagogical beliefs and views of the purpose of education. This study draws on attribution theory and a social relational model of disability to explore the implications of participants' perceptions for children's education. Recommendations for future research and practice and identified and briefly explored.





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