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Investigation of Load Distribution Factors for Simply-Supported Composite Multiple Box Girder Bridges

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posted on 2021-06-08, 10:03 authored by Siham Kadhim Jawad
Composite box-girder bridges are recently used in modern highway urban system because of their profitable and structural aptitude advantages. North Americans Codes of Practice specify empirical equations for girder moment and shear forces in such bridges in the form of live load distribution factors. These factors were proven to be conservative in some cases and underestimate the response in other cases. Therefore, an extensive parametric study, using the finite-element modeling, was conducted to examine the key parameters that influence the load distribution factors of such bridges. A total of 276 prototype bridges were analyzed to evaluate girder bending moment, shear force and deflection distribution factors for simply-supported composite multiple box-girder bridges when subjected to CHBDC truck loading. Design parameters considered in this study were bridges span length, numbers of design lanes, number of box girders and girder spacing. Based on the data generated from parametric study, sets of simple empirical expressions were developed for bending moment; shear force and deflection distribution factors for such bridges. A correlation between the finite-element results with CHBDC and AASHTO-LRFD empirical expressions showed the former are more reliable in structural design of composite box-girder bridges.





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Ryerson University

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Khaled Sennah