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Investigating user perspectives on mixed-reality games for people who drive mobility devices

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posted on 2023-01-12, 16:41 authored by Gregory Dolinar
Video games are not being designed to address the needs of the disabled user. As a result, people with mobility disabilities are being left out of game play experiences. As the population ages, more and more people will require mobility devices such as powered wheelchairs and scooters to support their mobility needs. This thesis explores the types of games mobility device users would like to play using their input to influence game development. Past gaming and play experiences are explored as a component useful to the production of a new game design. A Crowdsourcing technique called, an Idea Jam, is used to collect the data relevant to the game design. The Idea Jam for mobility games explores the type of game genres and functionality (game objectives, characters, input/output, audience integration and rewards) mobility device users would be willing to consider in a game and why. It also explores the impact of having users participate at early stages of game design on the actual functionality and development of an actual mobility game. The main findings show that Crowdsourcing is a viable method for collecting data on game development that mobility device embodiment plays a role in the way people view games and that people with mobility devices can impact game design at the beginning stages of development.





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  • MBA in Management of Technology and Innovation

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Ryerson University

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Deborah I. Fels