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Investigating thermal bridging in window systems insulated with monolithic silica aerogel

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posted on 2023-04-13, 18:17 authored by Fariz Dhalla
Windows typically account for 30% to 50% of heat losses through building envelopes. Monolithic silica aerogel has thermal properties and physical characteristics which make it an attractive material for high performance glazing. Optimizing the thermal performance of individual window components can improve the thermal performance of windows insulated with monolithic silica aerogel. It is important to consider how the thermal properties can be sustained, especially when in contact with other window components such as edge and intermediate spacers and the window frame. The purpose of this research paper is to analyze French style windows insulated with four panes of monolithic silica aerogel and investigate the thermal bridging of edge and intermediate spacers and window frame in order to assess how they collectively affect the centre of glass and edge of glass regions. The research aims to determine the spacer geometry, materials, and window frame that guarantee the best performing window system.





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