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Investigating the Impact of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and International Protocols on Co2 Emissions

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posted on 2021-06-15, 01:42 authored by Samin Shaaban Nejad
Our life hangs in the delicate balance of the natural environment, on which many of us would agree that human-induced activities are promptly degrading it. Businesses as the engine of an economy play a crucial role in both enhancing and degrading the natural environment. This study aims to investigate the role of international protocols and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in reducing carbon emissions. For this study, the author has conducted quantitative research in which both micro and macro level approaches were used. The findings indicate that both international treaties and ICT have an inverse impact on the overall model, while they were found to be statistically significant factors in reducing carbon emissions globally. The author has further narrowed down the findings to a micro level to conduct a comparative study between Canada and Norway to evaluate the performance of these two countries on climate mitigation initiatives. This study has further investigated some of the reasons that have caused Canada to perform insufficiently in meeting its climate change targets despite its active role in the negotiations that led to both the Kyoto Protocol and Paris Agreement.





Master of Science in Management


Master of Science in Management

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Ryerson University

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