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Investigate the impact of a low u-value framing condition and an insulated curb condition at cantileverd concrete balcony slabs in high-rise MURBS

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posted on 2021-05-22, 09:37 authored by Chafik Murad
Cantilevered concrete balcony slabs are being investigated in high-rise (MURBs) to control thermal bridging in terms of energy efficiency and thermal comfort where the use of a proprietary thermal break was the prime application as a solution to improving energy efficiency. This MRP investigated the thermal performance of using a lower U-value framed glazing condition and an insulated curb condition and developed assemblies in scenarios that were simulated in THERM, and focused on the technical performance of thermal comfort benefit of insulated curb condition of 12.7 mm thick EPS. Concrete surface temperatures were significantly increased in values from 4.8 °C to 9.6 °C and from 6.2 °C to 10.0 °C above balcony slab and from 6.7 °C to 10.8 °C below slab when an insulated curb condition was used in conventional scenarios and in a lower U-value framed condition scenario with no proprietary thermal break added. U-values are reduced 10% to 18% for the upper surface of balcony slab and 4% reduction of the overall U-values when an insulated curb condition is incorporated.





  • Master of Building Science


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Ryerson University

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  • MRP