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Investigate the Potential Use of Absorption Chiller for Waste Heat Recovery of Data Centre; Case Study of Earth Ranger Centre

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posted on 2021-05-22, 09:52 authored by Romina Kaveh
Data centres are great contributors to global warming due to their high energy consumption. The same amount of energy being used in data centres to run the servers is required for cooling to prevent any damage as the result of overheating of the equipment. Reusing the exhaust heat for cooling purposes reduce energy demand for cooling and heat removal systems. This research proposal has focused on waste heat recovery of data centres located in Woodbridge, Ontario by using absorption chillers. A mathematical model was developed to analyze the performance of the system based on the temperature of the generator and absorber in Simulink/MATLAB. It is concluded that the COP of the system improves with the increase of the generator temperature and the decrease of the absorber temperature. Ultimately, a secondary energy source is required along with the rejected heat from the data centre to support the cooling load.





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