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Introducing instagagement: analyzing the engagement rates of professional tennis players through self-presentation strategies on Instagram

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posted on 2021-05-24, 10:52 authored by Katie Lebel
This study explored the self-presentation strategies of male and female professional tennis players on the visual-based social media platform, Instagram, and explored the differences that exist between genders relative to fan engagement. A total of 963 Instagram posts were analyzed through content analyses of the top ten most followed professional male and female tennis players. Findings suggest that down-to-earth posts were the most common selfpresentation strategy for both genders; however, male athletes were found to post in a wider variety of categories. Sport specific presentations of self (athletic competence, behind-the-scenes and celebratory) were found to be significantly more popular among male athletes, constituting 46.1% of their sample, compared to 24.5% of the female athlete sample. Fan engagement rates revealed that followers of male athletes engaged with celebratory content the most, while followers of female athletes engaged most with sexualized content.





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