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Intervention characteristics associated with improved psychological distress in oncology family caregivers: a systematic review.

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posted on 2021-05-24, 18:07 authored by Joyce Yuen-Ching Lo
Introduction: Caregiving for a loved one living with cancer can be distressing. Interventions to manage psychological distress may help family caregivers positively adapt to their situation. Purpose: This review aims to describe the intervention characteristics that are effective in the management of psychological distress in oncology family caregivers. Specifically, the component, approach, mode and dose were examined. Methods: For the purposes of this systematic review, articles which were primary research studies that evaluated an intervention aimed at oncology family caregivers, with psychological distress as an outcome, were included. Results: A total of 23 articles were included. Effective interventions were primarily targeted, single-component, alternative therapies. These were mostly delivered in-person on an individual basis and varied in dose. Implications/Conclusions: This study provides an understanding of intervention characteristics and provides a basis to help develop more effective and efficient programs, in an effort to address the issue of psychological distress among family caregivers.



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Suzanne Fredericks Ryerson University

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