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Integrating cinema: uncovering the film librarianship of William J. Sloan at the New York Public Library

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posted on 2021-06-08, 14:45 authored by Isaac Prusky
This thesis explores the career of William J. Sloan, the first Supervising Film Librarian for The New York Public Library, who worked at the institution from 1958 to 1980. The objective is to demonstrate how Sloan ensured The New York Public Library remain relevant to future generations through expansion of its moving image media collection and activities. This has been accomplished by examining Sloan’s concerted efforts to promote moving image media as a film librarian, educator, and programmer during his time at The New York Public Library, as well as influential media projects he completed there. By showing that Sloan expanded the moving image media collection of The New York Public Library through his work in a number of fields, this thesis highlights Sloan’s lasting influence on the Library and New York film community today, as well as his role in establishing the Reserve Film and Video Collection.





  • Master of Arts


  • Film and Photography Preservation and Collection Management

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Ryerson University

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  • Thesis