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Innovating digital storytelling methodologies: a viable solution shaped by millennial demands

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posted on 2021-05-23, 17:32 authored by Ashley Tencer
Social digital communities have influenced traditional practices of communication by creating gateways to mass self-expression. Sharing video snippets of personal moments online exemplifies this social transformation, forming a new and thriving component of the digital storytelling field. Currently, the social digital storytelling market is faced with challenges that prevent many individuals from easily communicating their story through an edited video format. This paper examines social modern storytelling to better comprehend the needs of users, and identify gaps and opportunities based on currently available tools. A viable solution is suggested in order to meet the demands of modern-day storytellers. Through content analysis of technology companies, storytelling platforms, and pertinent case studies, this paper determines the essential attributes to ensure the proposed solution’s viability





Master of Digital Media


Digital Media

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Ryerson University

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