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Influence of polyethylene fiber and super plasticizer on the properties of fiber reinforced concrete

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posted on 2021-06-08, 09:48 authored by Iqbal Wahed
This research concentrated on high strength Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC) with polyethylene fibers. Four different FRC mixtures having different dosage of superplasticizer and fiber contents were investigated for fresh state (flowability and temperature development/setting time), mechanical properties (compressive/flexural strength, modulus of elasticity and fracture energy), durability characteristics (rapid chloride permeability) and microstructure (using scanning electron microscopy ‘SEM’). All FRCS showed high strength development with low ductility (or strain hardening behavior). Increase of fiber content increased the tensile strength and fracture energy of FRCs. The SEM confirmed dense concrete matrix with stronger interfacial transition zone. No significant influence of superplasticizer (at the specified range of dosages) on the properties of FRCs was observed. The use shorter fiber compared to longer ones (18 mm used in this study) at lower dosages could improve ductility and flowability of the FRCs.





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Civil Engineering

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