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Industrial pollution in Ota Ogun State, Nigeria: the disconnect between citizen, industry and government perspectives

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posted on 2021-05-22, 11:53 authored by Olalekan Odunewu Onilude
This study examined how residents of Ota, in Ogun State Nigeria, perceive the effects of industrial pollution. It also reviewed the policies that the state government has adopted in controlling and preventing industrial pollution in the past years. Surveys and interviews were used to determine the perceptions of community members and the policy actions of government. The sampling technique used during the survey was purposeful sampling. Data were analyzed through Microsoft Excel and content analysis. Research results showed that residents perceive that industries in Ota pollute the environment a lot. The study also revealed that air pollution through smoke is the major environmental concern for residents in comparison to water and soil pollution. The study revealed that citizens believe the government has not been effective in managing industrial pollution despite its claim that various policy options are being used to address the issue. This study makes recommendations, which could further improve environmental issues in the communities. The successful implementation, monitoring, and enforcement of policies and involvement of residents has the potential to enhance environmental sustainability in Ota.





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Ryerson University

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