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Indigenous Early Childhood Educators in Mainstream Child Care

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posted on 2022-03-29, 22:39 authored by Maya SimonMaya Simon
This research is an interpretive qualitative study of 10 Indigenous early childhood educators in mainstream child care in Southern Ontario. The study explores the lived experiences of these Indigenous early childhood educators in mainstream child care. Semi-structured interviews were conducted, allowing the Indigenous early childhood educator to share their stories. Analysis of the participants’ stories through the lens of circularity helped identify how Indigenous early childhood educators were making and holding space for Indigenous pedagogy in mainstream child care. Critical reflection on the stories identified keys findings: 1) The ethical space of engagement was employed in the making of space, 2) Relationships were built within the ethical space, 3) Land knowledge and engagement ensured the holding of the space, and 4) The spirit of the child was fostered within the ethical space through relationship and engagement. This study was conducted in the Indigenous research paradigm upholding relationality and relational accountability, employing a circularity in the analysis.