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Increasing Perceived Value In Physical Environments Through The Implementation Of Augmented Reality

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posted on 2021-05-23, 10:28 authored by Teodor Herman
This research project examines the impact of Augmented Reality (AR) technology as a means to increase customer engagement. More specifically, it explores how the inclusion of AR in public spaces has the ability to promote positive customer experiences that lead to higher referrals and increased revenue while reducing acquisition costs. The research identifies that AR is defined as a medium through which pictures and information can be displayed over a screen. By way of this process, new virtual elements are created by overlaying and integrating them into the environment. Through a quantitative deductive analysis, this project sought to test whether the implementation of AR overlaid upon key aspects of a space has the ability to improve the perceived value of a customer’s experience in that environment.





Master of Digital Media


Media Production

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Ryerson University

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