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Improving and Evaluating a Software Tool for Providing Animated Text Enhancements to Close Captions

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posted on 2021-05-23, 18:32 authored by Jorge Mori
While television and film technologies have changed according to user preferences, Closed Captions (CC) have suffered from a lack of innovation since their inception in the 1970’s. For the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities CC provides only limited access to non-speech audio information. This thesis explores the usability of a new captioning application, EnACT that provides animated text for non-speech audio information such as the emotions portrayed and their corresponding intensities. Reactions from software users were collected and evaluated. Participants found the software easy to use and a suitable alternative to conventional CC options for non-speech audio however, they disliked the amount of time it took for them to adjust timing for the animations of the captions. Overall, participants rated EnACT easy to use and the task of assigning emotions and their corresponding intensities to the video script as relatively simple, however, additional emotional labels were requested by participants overall.





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Ryerson University

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