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Importance of Emotion Design in Multimedia Emerging Technologies for Children and Teen Emotional Management

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posted on 2023-05-24, 20:10 authored by Maria Bohorquez

While multimedia usage in learning has seen a significant increase in many teaching disciplines, the use of emerging technologies to present a personalized experience has proven to be particularly more effective with younger demographics because of their level of familiarity with technological media. (Fleck et al., 2014) 

By facilitating self-expression, experiential learning, and the immersive praxis of SEL (Socio Emotional Learning) Theory, this research aims to demonstrate the potential benefits of incorporating emotion design with multimedia technologies. Together, these techniques can enhance the impact of learning methodologies and the depth of psychological effect on young teens in their developmental education. 

This paper discusses the creation of a novel Virtual Reality experience for the Oculus platform that uses a musical and artistic expression to place the user’s emotions into perspective.





  • Master of Digital Media


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Ryerson University

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Dr. Richard Lachman