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Implementing the Java Music Club in Residential Care: Impact on Cognitive and Psychosocial Health

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posted on 2023-02-13, 18:15 authored by Geneva Millet
Background: 90% of long-term care (LTC) residents experience cognitive impairment. Social support may benefit cognition by decreasing depression and loneliness. Objective: To investigate the effects of the Java Music Club, a manualized social support program, on cognition and psychosocial health among LTC residents. Methods: The Java Music Club was implemented 1x/week for three months. Participants (n=24, 91.7% female) completed cognitive tasks and psychosocial questionnaires before (T1), after (T2), and three months following (T3) participation. Qualitative interviews to explore perceptions of the Java Music Club were conducted at T2 with participants and recreation coordinators. Results: Decreased loneliness from T1-T2 (t = 3.31, p = .003) and T2-T3 reductions in depressive symptoms (F = 3.459, p = .043) and subjective memory complaints (F = 3.837, p = .048). Qualitative interviews illustrated important group elements, and that the Java Music Club was enjoyable and promoted social engagement. Conclusions: Participation in the Java Music Club is a promising approach to counter loneliness, depressive symptoms and subjective memory complaints in LTC residents.





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