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Implemented Strategies to Handle Seasonal Inventory in a Supply Chain: A Case Study

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posted on 2021-06-15, 13:40 authored by Haya Esrar
Excess inventory continues to be a growing area of concern for many retailers due to the multitude of issues that arise. This study explores three strategies being practiced by a multi- national retailer to help improve its performance measures in handling excess seasonal inventory in various ways. To answer the main research question, a case study method was utilized focusing on one retail organization at three key levels: strategic, warehouse, and retail level. For the purpose of this study, six semi-structured interviews were conducted, along with the collection of some documents in conjunction with personal observations. The results showed a multitude of benefits in using the three strategies and how their proper utilization can aid the retailer in improving its performance in regards to seasonal inventory. In addition to the main findings, three factors were identified that could impact the outcome of these strategies.





Master of Science in Management


Master of Science in Management

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Ryerson University

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