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Impact of window walls on thermal comfort and energy efficiency in condominium buildings: an experimental study in Toronto

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posted on 2021-05-22, 13:24 authored by Udegbuna Oscar-George Emuwa Emuwa
Radiant field asymmetry is described as differences in radiant temperature an occupant perceives on different parts of the body. Most complaints about thermal comfort in condominiums are as a result of local discomfort rather than overall discomfort. A field study was performed in summer, using thermocouples to determine possible thermal discomfort caused by the interior surface temperature of a window wall oriented with marginal solar radiation and its effects on energy efficiency. ASHRAE standard 55 was used to evaluate thermal comfort while temperature gradients between the window wall temperature and a “neutral” window wall temperature was used to evaluate energy efficiency of the window wall. Results showed that on a hot clear day there was a rise in interior surface temperature of the window wall by 8.4ºC, due to direct solar radiation. Thermal comfort was within ASHRAE standards and energy efficiency would have been improved with a better window to wall ratio or high performance





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Ryerson University

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