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Igniting social commerce: using Instagram for mobile retail shopping

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posted on 2023-02-22, 18:47 authored by Ryan Christopher Perez
Social media can act as an invaluable tool that businesses can use as a means of reaching out and engaging with current and potential customers. Instagram, a Social Network Service known for its predominance as a photo-and-video focused sharing platform, is often used and even presented by the company as a tool to drive awareness about a business and pique interest in the products or services that they offer to its over 700 million users. However, this particular platform is being employed as more than just an advertising and marketing agent outside of Canada and the USA. In particular, Instagram in South Korea has transformed into an even more multifaceted experience, from being used as a product catalogue for retail startups to operating as a mobile online marketplace where direct, transactional exchange occurs. While social media platforms are continually being modified to suit the behaviours and attitudes of this technologically advancing world, Instagram has evolved into a more dynamic online forum for commercial exchange, further expanding the capacities of Social Commerce. This major research paper engages in qualitative observations on how Instagram is being utilized in South Korea for the purposes of marketing, advertising and mobile commerce. Furthermore, several best practices are outlined on how Instagram can be organized for businesses, particularly startup companies, through the use of case studies on current South Korean company.





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