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Identification Of A Novel Gene Altered In The RQ1 Mutant Strain Affecting Motor Axon Migration In Caenorhabditis Elegans

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posted on 2021-05-24, 10:48 authored by Haider Z. Naqvi
Novel genetic enhancer screens were conducted targeting mutants involved in the guidance of axons of the DA and DB classes of motor neurons in C. elegans. These mutations are expected in genes that function in parallel to the unc-g/Netrin pathway. The screen was conducted in an unc-5(e53) genetic background and enhancers of the axon guidance defects caused by the absence of UNC-5 were identified. Three mutants were previously identified in the screen called rq1, rq2 and rq3 and two additional mutants called H2-4 and M1-3, were isolated in this study. In order to identify the gene affected by the rq1 mutation, wild-type copies of genes in the mapped rq1 mutation region were injected into the mutants to rescue the phenotypic defects. This is a strong indication that the gene of interest is a novel gene called H04D03.1. Promising results indicate that the H04D03.1 protein also works in germ-line apoptosis.





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