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Hygrothermal Analysis And Prediction Of Long-Term Thermal Performance Of Aerogel-Enhanced Superinsulation Products

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posted on 2021-05-24, 09:28 authored by Hamideh (Roya) Nosrati
Aerogel-enhanced insulating materials provide significantly higher thermal resistance per unit of thickness compared to conventional insulating materials. These superinsulation materials are relatively new in the construction industry, and their thermal properties under different hygric conditions and their durability are still unknown. In this study, the main characteristics of a variety of aerogel-based materials under different climatic conditions were studied. Furthermore, the samples underwent accelerated aging tests, and the impact of aging on the thermal performance of aerogel-based products was investigated. The results showed that the thermal properties of aerogel-based products are affected by moisture content and their thermal resistance degraded under extreme humidity conditions. The analysis of the aging effects showed that aerogel-based products would maintain their superior thermal performance over time. The average increase in the thermal conductivity (compared to the pristine condition) was below 10% after the equivalent of twenty years of aging under various climatic factors.





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Ryerson University

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