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Hydrodynamics of Turbulent Bed Contactor with Non Newtonian Liquids

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posted on 2021-05-24, 09:42 authored by Hadil Abukhalifeh
Little information is available in literature in terms of the hydrodynamic characteristics in a turbulent bed contractor [sic] (TBC) with viscous liquids. In this study, the hydrodynamic characteristics in three-phase turbulent bed contactor with counter current flow of air and non-Newtonian liquid was studied and compared with that of Newtonian liquid under consistent conditions. Aqueous solutions of carboxy methyl cellulose (CMC) with apparent viscosities ranged between 5 to 25 cP were used as non-Newtonian liquid. The hydrodynamic parameters iinvestigatedwere: bed pressure drop, minimum fluidization velocity, liquid holdup, bed expansion, and gas holdup. The effect of rheological properties of the CMC aqueous solutions and operating parameters on hydrodynamic characteristics of the TBC were examined. Results showed that increasing CMC concentration increased the net pressure drop across the bed and the liquid holdup, while the gas holdup and bed expansion decreased. At that quoted apparent viscosity range, aqueous solutions of CMC behaved as Newtonian viscous liquids in the TBC.





Master of Applied Science


Chemical Engineering

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Ryerson University

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Dr. Fayed Dr. Dhib