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Hydraulic Analysis of Oil Spill Control Systems in Transformer Stations

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posted on 2021-06-08, 09:46 authored by Celia Fan
Electrical transformer stations use transformer oil to increase the efficiency of the electrical voltage transfer and to reduce the moisture and air in an electrical transformer. Each year, there is a high probability of spilling the transformer oil accidentally into the environment. Some spill events contain large volume of transformer oil. The objective of this thesis is to investigate oil spill control systems for spilled transformer oil during all operating and weathering conditions at a Hydro One's transformer station near the city of Burlington. This thesis examines the design of (1) oil trap systems which trap the spilled transformer oil and (2) the oil back-up systems thick back up the transformer oil spills to the transformer station. This research focuses primarily on Hydro One's transformer stations and the normal operation conditions in Ontario.





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Ryerson University

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