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Hybritopia: Seeking An Architecture of Reconciliation

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posted on 2022-10-21, 13:38 authored by Catalina Ardila Bernal
The rural landscape in the global south has become the subjectivation¹ of ruthless economies and the demand for detachment and independence has been building up since the time of Discovery. As contemporary colonization is slowly reaching a rupture point between the corporation and minorities, governments and locals, urban and rural, developed and developing, architecture can mitigate the impacts as an agent of reconciliation. A space designated for the revitalization of land degradation, not in the sense of making land fertile again, but from the standpoint of a new foundation of cultures, communities and traditions, and more importantly, a setting for celebrating rural human existence, from life to death and infinity. A sacred space, or a rural hybritopia, embodies the epitome of redemption, reconciliation and renewal for villages, towns, minorities and displaced communities. ¹The term was coined by Michel Foucault, and it is when the subject is analyzed through the relationships and circumstances of the real world rather than the inherent qualities of being (Rebughini, 2014)





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