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How the Canadian academic literature and Canadian newspapers discuss “honour killing”

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posted on 2022-10-24, 20:20 authored by Adeniyi Olasunkanmi Temowo
Literature revealed limited empirical studies on honour killing in Canada. The recent cases drew attention from the media, and the public but less from the academic. Discussion on this issue revolved around immigration, multiculturalism, and violence against immigrant women. Also, it is a manifestation of patriarchy common in most societies, and a form of violence against women not exclusive to one culture but deeply rooted in culture and religion. It is not always the sexual behaviour of the victim that define the 'family honour ‘. Murder, sometimes, is a result of women not following the social rules or the gender norms in the family and the men act to preserve their reputation. To understand honour killing, we need to consider the multiple ources of oppression and think of their intersections and how they affect each other and are intertwined. Keywords: honour, honour killing, Newspapers, violence against immigrant women, culture, Islam, Muslim





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Immigration and Settlement Studies

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