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How online fashion videos affect consumer’s brand perceptions: an exhibition of academic thesis.

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posted on 2021-06-08, 08:07 authored by Ryan Payne
The objective of this research is to explore how online fashion videos affect consumers’ perception toward fashion brands. This study builds upon research in cognitive processing, attitude formation and interactive online technology. This study used optometric or gaze tracking to follow what participants focused upon when exposed to fashion videos. All participants were female, half in fashion related programs and the other half in non-fashion, non-design related programs. A semi-structured interview, visual stimuli (video), and pre-/post-questionnaire were used. The study found that participants did not fully remember videos to which they have been exposed to or content upon which they had focused. However, it is important to note that participants could recall a considerable amount of information when their eye pupils dilated during viewing. Although participants’ perceptions toward video did not show significant changes after they found out the brand name, they tended to use different words or vocabularies from the pre-questionnaire survey to describe the brand image. It is evident that the relationship between pupil dilation and memory recall is positive. As this study deals with perceptions, further investigation into participant’s memories and associations with visual attributes will provide additional considerations, particularly how associations are made and recalled by viewers over time and after exposed to a brand’s messages over a period of time.





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Ryerson University

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Osmud Rahman